AFFF class A

Class a compressed air foam extinguishing agent

Classification:AFFF class A

Product specifications:

Release time:2020-12-30


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Product details

  Product introduction

  A type of foam extinguishing agent is used by our factory according to the complexity of fire sources, low efficiency of water use and fire resistance.With the major and serious waste of fire-fighting and foam protection, this new type of human foam can be controlled by different ways to control the supply of foam to achieve the effect of disc fire suppression. It can increase the adhesion of the wood well to the surface of the combustible and form a protective layer against radiation. It is not easy to re ignite with the increase of burning resistance. Can be used for 0.5-9% proportioning, so that the bubble will play a great advantage, so that enterprises can achieve great economic benefits and life safety.

  The products of type A and compressed air foam extinguishers produced by our company are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The raw materials used can be degraded 100%. Type A, compressed air foam extinguishing agent, foam rich, fine, strong adhesion, because the formula used in the company's own compound fluorocarbon composite surfactant, foam persistence, water stable time, the surface tension of liquid water is very low. When a type of fire is extinguishing (solid fire), its foam can not only adhere to the surface of the burning object, but also form a layer of thermal insulation and radiation protection layer. Stable and durable foam will not flow freely and reduce the loss of water. Because everfount foam can precipitate viscous liquid with strong penetration ability, it can penetrate into the deep flame of solid combustion, promote and stabilize the water, foam quickly spread under the action of water film, stable and lasting foam and stable and lasting water can not only quickly extinguish fire, but also have a good effect. The product has effectively prevented the reburning of the combustion products. Therefore, the product has the advantages of stable foam and good reburning resistance.

  Packaging and storage conditions

  1.packing: 25kg, 50kg, 200kg plastic barrels.

  2.Products must not be mixed with other chemicals and other foam extinguishing agents during transportation and storage.

  3.The products should be stored in a cool and dry warehouse to prevent exposure to the sun. The storage temperature should not be higher than 40 ℃ and not lower than the service temperature.

     4.The shelf life is 3 years

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