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Animal protein foaming agent for cement

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Release time:2020-12-30


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  As a result, the smell of animal keratin is not good. After a series of chemical reactions and physical treatment, the product is compounded with other chemical raw materials. Based on the introduction of foreign products, the additive has been successfully developed through the major reform of process and formula. The quality of its products has exceeded the level of similar foreign products. Animal foaming agent is the fourth generation of cement foaming agent independently developed and produced by the company with advanced technology formula and process. The appearance is dark brown, transparent liquid, with a certain rotten smell, pH value of 6.5 ~ 7.5

  The animal foaming agent is a good performance in all foaming agents. The foam is stable, and the foam preserved 24h still has a large amount of remaining. This is mainly because the bubble liquid film formed by the cutin is very tough and elastic, which can immediately return to its original state after being pressed by external force and is not easy to break. Therefore, most of the foam concrete pores produced by it are closed spheres and few connected pores. It is characterized by stable foam and small bubble diameter. It is suitable for producing ultra-low density foam concrete. With good pouring stability and high strength, the foamed concrete is a new environmental friendly and efficient cement foaming agent. This foaming agent has been widely used in Japan, Korea, the United States and Italy.

  The application scope is floor heating foamed cement insulation layer, roof insulation layer, building internal and external filler wall block, sound insulation wall and other foamed cement engineering.


  The product does not contain substances harmful to human body and belongs to environmental protection product. Foam concrete added to cement is a new type of building material. It has a series of characteristics such as excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation, and is the necessary material to meet the domestic building energy saving standards. It is widely used in floor heating construction and internal and external wall insulation.

  Net weight: 200kg / 25kg

  Package: plastic bucket

  Shelf life: 12 months

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