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  6%AFFF/AR, 3%AFFF/AR foam extinguishing agent. It is a kind of multi-purpose and efficient fire extinguishing agent, which is made of high molecular biological glue, compound foaming agent, fluorine surfactant and solvent. In addition to the characteristics of water film foam extinguishing agent, the extinguishing agent can form a glue film on the surface of alcohols, and extinguish the fire quickly and effectively by the double action of foam and glue film. It is mainly used to put out the fire of alcohol, ether, aldehyde, ketone and other water-soluble substances, and can also put out the fire of oil and petroleum products and other non water soluble substances. It is used in fixed fire extinguishing devices of large chemical enterprises, oil fields, oil depots and other units. It can also be used for mobile or portable fire extinguisher and other fire fighting equipment.

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