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  6%AFFF and 3%AFFF foam extinguishing agents are composed of fluorine surfactants, hydrocarbon surfactants, solvents and stabilizers. They are new and efficient extinguishing agents. In addition to the obvious characteristics of fluorinated protein foam extinguishing agents, it can also form a layer of water film which can inhibit evaporation on the surface of hydrocarbons, and quickly and effectively extinguish the fire by the dual action of foam and water film. It is mainly used to put out the fire of oil, petroleum products and other water-soluble substances, but not suitable for the fire of propafenol, aldehyde, ether, ketone and other water-soluble substances. It is widely used in fixed fire extinguishing devices of large oil fields, oil tanks, oil tankers, hangars and other units, as well as mobile or portable fire extinguisher and other fire extinguishing equipment.

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