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  3%FP and 6%FP foam extinguishing agents are new foam extinguishing agents which are prepared by adding appropriate fluorocarbon surfactants into protein foam extinguishing agents. It is mainly used for fluorine foam injection system. The foam has unique oil repellent ability, good mobility, strong self sealing ability, and can be combined with dry powder extinguishing agent. The efficiency of fire extinguishing is 2 times that of protein foam extinguishing agent. The applicable range of fire is the same as that of protein foam extinguishing agent. It is mainly used to extinguish fire of non water soluble substances such as petroleum and petroleum products (type B fire). It is also suitable for fighting fires such as wood, paper, cotton, linen and synthetic fiber and other solid combustibles, but it is not suitable for extinguishing fire of water-soluble substances such as alcohols, ethers, esters and ketones.

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