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Product details

  Foam extinguishing agents consist of microbial polysaccharides, hydrocarbon surfactants, fluorocarbon surfactants, preservatives, auxiliaries and so on. It is produced with the latest high-tech achievements. The fire extinguishing agent belongs to the gel type synthetic foam, has good thixotropic property, and has the advantages of unlimited restriction on the infusion pipeline, high intensity of supply, quick fire suppression, stable storage and low corrosion. It can be used to extinguish fire such as alcohol, ester, ether, ketone, aldehyde, amine, organic acid and other flammable polar solvents. It can also be used to fight oil fires.

  Adaptive place

  Foam extinguishing agents are widely used in large chemical plants, chemical fiber factories, paint factories, solvent factories, alcohol factories, breweries, chemical products warehouses, ships and other key disaster prevention sites, especially for water-soluble liquid fires.

  Technical parameter

  Mixing ratio:

  The mixing ratio of 3% (s, - 12 ° C) and water is 3:97

  The mixing ratio of 6% (s, - 10 ° C) and water is 6:94

  Packaging and storage conditions

  1、The product is packaged in 25kg, 50kg, 200kg iron or plastic barrels.

  2、Products should not be mixed with other chemicals and other types of foam extinguishing agents during transportation and storage.

  3、The product should be stored in a cool and dry warehouse to prevent exposure to the sun. The storage temperature should not be higher than 40 ℃ and not lower than the service temperature.

  4、The shelf life is 8 years

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